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Susie Schroer

Susie Schroer has built a solid reputation as an excellent rider and trainer with a knack for drawing out the best in her students. Well known in the horse world for several decades, she has achieved notable successes in competitions in the United States and abroad.  She has an Economics degree from the University of Vermont, as well as a Masters degree in Special Education from the Florida Atlantic University.

Susie enjoyed a highly successful junior career, winning several national titles at top competitions along the East Coast.  During her career, Susie has had the opportunity to work with some of the most respected professionals in the industry in both the United States and Europe. She competed successfully at the grand prix level and rode in the 1990 World Cup in Germany, proving herself in both national and international competitions.

As a trainer and coach, she uses the knowledge gained from these experiences to help her students achieve their own goals in the show ring.  She has trained Bretton and Kara for 10 years and has played an instrumental role in transitioning both riders from the pony circuit to become serious contenders at the Grand Prix level.  Additionally, her international connections resulted in her aligning both riders with training opportunities for to further advance their equestrian careers.  Since Fall 2013, Kara has been training in Oxfordshire, UK with world #2 ranked rider and British gold medalist, Ben Maher and in summer 2014, Bretton will be training with Canadian gold medalist, Eric Lamaze in Belgium.

Susie is currently a partner at Meadow Grove Farm in Lake View Terrace, California. As a trainer, Susie has coached her students to great success in hunter, jumper, and equitation divisions. She has trained students who have competed successfully in junior hunter classes, as well as the North American Young Riders’ Championships and through to Grand Prix Championships.

Trained with from 2005 – 2015.